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Get to know the Vype ePen 3 cartridges

7 January 2020

Vype offers a variety of flavours you may enjoy with the ePen 3. All refill packs contain two vaping cartridges of the same flavour. It is suggested to open each blister pack individually in order to maintain the fresh flavour of each cartridge.

The ePen 3 offers a click-fit system for its refill cartridges. This is one of the main advantages of closed-system vaping. The closed-system prevents the mess and the leakage that more often occurs with open-system devices. The individual ePen 3 cartridges cannot be refilled and require less maintenance and cleaning than open-system devices.

The range of our available ePen 3 flavours can be bought in retail shops around the country and online at your convenience.

Available vPro flavours consist of:

  • Master blendA deep blend of roasted tobacco with a nutty creamy finish. (1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)
  • Crisp Mint: A combination of fresh mint and vanilla notes with a cooling finish. (0, 1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)
  • Dark Cherry: A blend of dark cherry and red fruits notes (0, 1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)
  • Infused Vanilla: A blend of vanilla flavours and caramel tones (1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)
  • Wild Berries: A fresh mix of wild berries with a hint of vanilla (1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)
  • Tropical Mango: A bright flavourful mango experience. (1 or 1.5% nicotine strength)

And if you ever experience any problems with your Vype device, don’t hesitate to give the Vype Care team a call (or send them an email) – that’s what they’re here for!