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Come Inside Our Vape Labs

23 November 2019

We use a wide range of analytical techniques and specialised lab technology to identify all of the elements each vapour sample contains.

come inside our labs

Vaping Topography Machine
We use this technology to measure vaping behaviour; specifically how long, how deep and how often consumers inhale. This gives us an accurate indication as to how much vapour a consumer would be exposed to throughout the day. Having a clear understanding of these vaping patterns, enables us to design the risk assessment study.

Vapour Analyzer
We use this technology to measure droplet size of the vapour to help us understand how capable the human body is at absorbing various droplet sizes of the vapour produced by our devices. This helps us produce a satisfying vaping experience.

Vaping Simulator
This clever bit of kit mimics the act of vaping. This helps us establish the maximum number of puffs you get from each of our Vype devices. This machine also contains a filter pad that allows us to collect vapour and analyse each of its components.

Chromatography Machine
This machine separates and analyses the individual components of vapour that have been collected onto a filter pad by our Vaping Simulator.

Formulation Room
It is here that our scientists and flavourists refine our formulations. This cycle of testing and reformulating is repeated until we are satisfied with the quality.